By Default, both username and password is "admin"
Sometimes, you may want to let a guest or a friend to upload file to your PC (or download) but do not want to let them see your PC drive/folder/files.

To only allow them to see a specific folder/drive. Just add its path to White list.

To block/hide a drive/folder, add its path to Black list.

NOTE : Make sure you create a new user account for guest/friend in WL Server, and add these settings to it. Applying these changes to your current user account will have effects on your own devices too.
Inside WL server.
  • Click 'User Accounts'
  • Select and Double click on target user name
  • Click 'Directories' Permissions', (if not visible, make sure user has 'Get Directory Content' permission)
Inside WL server.
  • Click 'User Accounts'
  • Select and Double click on target user name
  • Check/Uncheck the required permission
No, WiFi LAN Server only works on Local Network. Only Local Area Network devices can connect to it. Your data stays safe even if your PC is connected to the Internet.

And there is an extra security for LAN devices too, you will be required to enter a User Name and a Password(if not using the default ones).
Usually antivirus software marks other working softwares as a Virus or any other malware. Since WL Server browses your PC as you are browsing through your phone, Antivirus might think it as virus. However Blackcaret assure you it is not any kind of virus if the application is Digitally Signed by Blackcaret. Please make sure the “WiFi LAN Server.exe” is Digitally Signed by Blackcaret.

It is recommended that you have UAC enabled. Now when you run the WL Server, Windows will show a UAC dialog asking for Admin Permissions, Check what it says on Verified Publisher. For more confirmation, click on "Show details" and "Show information about this publisher’s certificate".

If you do not want to enable UAC, then simply right click on the “WiFi LAN Server.exe” which is located inside the installed folder and open its Properties. Make sure it has Digital Signature tab, if it doesn’t, reinstall the app. Also check the certificate in the said tab.

If the app is digitally signed by Blackcaret and Antivirus marks app as a Virus, you may allow WiFi LAN Server to run by adding the entire installed folder in the exception list.