Error with gif files (bc gallery?)

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1/31/2016 11:47:14 PM
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Error with gif files (bc gallery?)

Hello. I have been having a bug since i installed this app, the thing is, when i open a gif file from my pc with the pc file explorer app, the in-app gallery only shows one frame of the gif file, not the whole gif.

I saw in the documentation that gif files are supported in this app, so i tried lurking the forums to see if this problem had already been fixed, and then i tried to fix this problem by ways of allowing the app trough windows firewall
or searching the settings for solutions (in which i only found the "allow animation" setting, that toggled off or on did nothing)
or installing the newest versions off the app and the lan server
or messing with the checksum algorithms
or activating the net framework 3.5 (I am on windows 10)

After doing all that i still haven't found the solution to this problem, i suspect it is an issue with the library used? (Universal Image Loader), but again i have no idea.
I work a lot with gif files, so i would enjoy if this would be fixed soon.


Thank you for your time, :)

2/2/2016 4:55:42 PM
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Re: Error with gif files (bc gallery?)

BC Gallery doesn't support gif. But in future, a new image viewer will be added, much better and will support gif animation as well. It will appear eventually in future releases.